Individual Sessions may include any of the following based on client needs:

Personal coaching - reframing negative experiences, vision crafting, empowerment training, relaxation skills, mental rehearsal

  • Open focus attention training
  • EEG training
    • Neural synchrony (protocol developed by psychologist, Dr. Les Fehmi)
    • High performance mind (protocol
      developed by psychologist, Anna Wise)
  • Yoga, breath work
  • Music, improvisation, performance
BrainWave Connections

Client, Bank Manager Group Sessions may include any of the following based on the focus of the group:
  • Open focus attention training
  • High performance mind training
  • Performance flow training
    • This specifically focuses on teaching performers how to access the flow state, or being “in the zone”. The state of peak experience is where the actor and action seem to merge in an exhilarating state of effortless effort.
      (See Csikszentmihaly’s video)
  • Performance lab, improvisation
  • Yoga, breath work

Anna Vazquez at Group PresentationIndividual sessions take place at in St. Paul at the BrainWave Virtuosity studio. For clients that are not able to travel, the session can be at your home (a travel fee would be assessed).

Classes are held in various locations from the College of St. Catherine, to the St. Paul Yoga Center, businesses, community centers, and schools. Monthly introductory workshops are held is different sites around the Twin Cities.

Rates: Currently there is a limited time promotional rate for initial sessions and packages of 5 or more sessions available at a reduced rate.

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Fine Tune Your Brain
Master your Life

  • High stress professions
  • Performance
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Business, finance
  • The Arts, creativity
  • Science, ingenuity
  • Athletics, competition
  • Education, learning
  • Group facilitation
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Personal Transformation
  • Meditation

"Anna is so friendly and approachable that she actually makes the process of gently opening your mind FUN. She may even joke with you while setting up the neurofeedback equipment. You'll find there's absolutely nothing intimidating about the little sensors on your head; they are just a tool. When you consider that even taking your pulse is a form of biofeedback, you can appreciate that this technology is just another way to get information about yourself, albeit your deepest self. And Anna is a great guide as you gather and interpret that information."

Kristine Vesley

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