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Dr. Anna VazquezDr. Anna Vazquez is dedicated to developing human potential. Dr. Vazquez brings a gentle, intuitive and goal oriented approach to her work as she engages the client’s imagination in the art of possibility, and the infinite creativity of the human mind. Through her life experience Dr. Vazquez understands that the ability to overcome obstacles grows out of the passion to fulfill one’s dreams.

BrainWave Virtuosity developed out of Dr. Vazquez’s personal and professional experience – motivated by her own performance challenges, an intense passion for making music, curiosity and an unending desire to grow. Besides her doctoral work in performance, and the brainwave certification training, she has studied yoga and meditation, and participated in the Empowerment Training, the Grace Program, the Therapeutic Sound School, as well as other personal growth and development programs.

Dr. Anna VazquezFor her doctoral paper in 1996 Dr. Vazquez designed a 15 week college course to teach aspiring artists how to overcome performance anxiety and move into the peak performance state of flow. Dr. Vazquez has provided brainwave training and performance coaching to clients from a wide range of professions as well as students aspiring to higher achievement. She tailors classes and brainwave training sessions to the specific needs of the organization and the individual. This process has also been useful for clients interested in deepening meditation and personal development.

Dr. Vazquez is the first and only certified brainwave coach in Minnesota to offer combined Neural Synchrony, Open Focus, and Awakened Mind/High Performance Mind protocols. Dr. Vazquez is indebted to biofeedback pioneers, Dr. Fehmi and Anna Wise for all their research in brainwave training, heightened functioning, the dimensions of attention, and the development of consciousness.

Contexts where Dr. Vazquez has provided training: College of St. Catherine, University of Minnesota School of Music, MacPhail Center for the Arts, Thursday Musical, Shiftonline, St. Paul Yoga Center, Wise Women, Truro Center for the Arts, national music conferences, summer music camps, and music studios. She has taught yoga classes at Augsburg College, the Minnesota Department of Health, the St. Paul Yoga Center, Pathways, the Meditation Center, and a few public schools. Dr. Vazquez teaches at the College of St. Catherine and is also a freelance musician and teacher.

Education: Bachelor of Music from Boston University, Master of Music from Indiana University, Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Minnesota.

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