Dr. Anna VazquezBrainWave Virtuosity: Mastering your Life through Neurofeedback offers personalized coaching using EEG biofeedback to learn attentional flexibility and the ability to self-regulate brainwave states for stress reduction, peak performance, and overall heightened functioning.

Do you want to experience more ease, confidence, and mastery in life? Does it feel like something is holding you back from the success and contentment you are looking for?

Dr. Vazquez provides brainwave training and optimal performance coaching that goes straight to the source - your brain - where all patterns that define “you” were first created, reinforced and can be UPDATED. Brainwave patterns underlie our various states of mind and influence our experience of the internal and external world. Neurofeedback, or brainwave biofeedback, enables communication with the brain that fine tunes the mental states conducive to creativity, peak performance, insight, relaxation, overall well-being and contentment.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Holding a focus in stressful situations
  • Physical tension and/or pain
  • An overactive internal critic
  • Lack of confidence, self-doubt
  • Memorization, improvisation, interpretation

Benefits of “Tuning” the Brain

  • Diffuse stress and ease stress related pain
  • Optimize performance, memory, cognition, concentration
  • Increase awareness, insight and decisiveness
  • Create new pathways for growth, fulfillment and healthy living
  • Enable the expanded state of love, enrich relationships

Brainwave Virtuosity is unique in that it deals both with training mental state and the content of the mind, which are intricately connected. Dr. Vazquez complements state training with inner process work. As the client, you will be gently guided to explore internal patterns of beliefs and images that often define your life. Because these patterns are usually outside of conscious awareness, you are bound to repeat them until you are able to bring them to the surface of the mind where they can be examined and updated. This unique process of brainwave monitoring is an internal “working” meditation and enables tremendous insight and transformation.

The brain is the ultimate instrument, and like all instruments, it functions best when it is in tune - when the brainwaves hum harmoniously. The good news is that learning to “play” the brain doesn’t take nearly as long as learning to play a musical instrument — what’s more, we already own a unique and priceless brain without having to buy one! Yet few of us invest the mere weeks or months of training in our ultimate instrument that would help make every day feel like a concert performance, pitch perfect, with graceful crescendos and decrescendos instead of wild ups and downs, ill-timed sharps and flats. Now, with portable neurofeedback technology, that brainwave training is accessible for all of us. And as we become virtuosos internally, our external life effortlessly improves. We experience an expanded capacity for both life’s challenges and life’s rewards.

Brainwave Virtuosity is directed by Dr. Anna Vazquez, a Certified Neurofeedback Synchrony Trainer, and Open Focus Trainer. She has worked closely with two pioneers in the field of neurotherapy, psychologists Dr. Lester Fehmi and Anna Wise. Dr. Vazquez tailors the work to the client, using a complement of Dr. Fehmi’s methods in Neural Synchrony and Open Focus and Wise’s protocol in the High Performance Mind/Awakened Mind. Dr. Anna Vazquez is also a professional cellist and teacher. She has a Bachelor of Music from Boston University, Master of Music from Indiana University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Minnesota.

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Fine Tune Your Brain
Master your Life

  • High stress professions
  • Performance
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Business, finance
  • The Arts, creativity
  • Science, ingenuity
  • Athletics, competition
  • Education, learning
  • Group facilitation
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Personal Transformation
  • Meditation

The Brain Wave Virtuosity work I have experienced with Dr. Anna Vazquez is one of the best things I have done for myself this year. Thoroughly knowledgeable and technically experienced, Dr. Vazquez is also equally compassionate and intuitive, qualities which I consider essential in anyone I work with now. I am exploring brainwave states for several reasons: to enhance my creative work as a writer and artist, and to give new depth and dimension to my longtime practice (over 40 years) of meditation. This was the piece I needed to take me to a new level. Something about actually seeing my brainwaves on the computer screen was validating to me like nothing else. I continue everyday to use techniques and apply insights I discovered with Dr. Vazquez. I feel my experiences with her have greatly contributed to recent breakthroughs in general in my spiritual growth and specifically in my creativity. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Barb Nelson
Artist, Writer, Meditator

Painting by Barb Nelson
Painting by Barb Nelson

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